Trent Sisco – Deciding to Coach Youth Sports

Trent Sisco currently serves as a medical sales representative for Centurion Medical Products in Williamston, Michigan. In his spare time, he is an avid sports fan who cheers for teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Orlando Magic. Trent Galen Sisco has also coached little league baseball and youth football.

Here are a few questions one should ask when considering coaching youth sports.

—Do I like young people, and am I willing to help them develop into mature and responsible young adults? In addition to teaching kids how to play the game, good coaches also instill values such as discipline, pride, and a strong work ethic.

—Do I have the patience to work with young children? Can I maintain my enthusiasm while constantly repeating instructions?

—Can I put winning into perspective? While winning may be a primary goal, great coaches teach their players that winning is just part of the process. Teamwork and having fun are equally important.

—Do I have good interpersonal skills? Knowing players’ strengths and weaknesses enables coaches to make the best possible decisions for their athletes.

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