IV Stabilization Systems Help Reduce Unscheduled Restarts

A full-time sales representative with Centurion Medical Products, Trent Galen Sisco provides products that have helped hospitals reduce the number of central line dressing changes they perform. Centurion’s state-of-the-art dressings are long lasting, helping to free up nurses’ time and make patients more comfortable. As part of his job, Trent Sisco helps educate hospital staff on the best use of IV stabilization systems.

Centurion’s IV Securement Kits, featuring the SorbaView® Shield and VersaDerm® dressings, protect IV sites and catheter placement for up to four days. Not only does the stabilization system lower the number of unscheduled restarts, but it also reduces the risk of certain complications, such as a dislodged IV, phlebitis, infiltration, or thrombosis.

Promoting cost savings and improved patient care, Centurion’s IV Securement Kits meet the standards and recommendations set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Infusion Nurses Society. Medical sales professionals can supply hospitals with customized kits that are designed to meet specific hospital protocols and physician needs.

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